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Feb 20

Don’t Apologize for Raising Your Prices

Price hikes are always a delicate business decision to make. You do not want to raise your prices too high and scare your consumers or clients off, but you want to address your business needs. Our latest Cloud Services Group blog looks at strategies you can deploy at your business to raise the price of your product/service.

Feb 09

Meet the Team: Chris Arndt

In our newest feature, “Meet the Team,” we introduce you to some of ORBA’s talented accountants and tax professionals. In this edition, learn more about Chris Arndt, Director of the firm’s Cloud Services Group.

Feb 01

Using KPIs as Your Ticket to Growth

We see measuring analytics as an essential tool to scale your business. And, if you are a loyal reader, you know we never go too long without writing about our beloved metrics. However, do you know which metrics are essential to your business and the stage of growth you are in? In this article, we provide a breakdown of some of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for growth in common business models.

Jan 18

New Year, New You: Making Company Culture Deliberate

Company culture is an essential part of any successful business. Often in the midst of developing or growing a business, enhancing company culture may be overlooked. This, however, can be a missed opportunity to grow and strengthen your company. The better your culture is, the easier it is to not only attract top talent but to retain these employees. This blog provides five tips on how you can create a healthy company culture that will result in engaged, productive and satisfied employees.

Dec 27

How the R&D Tax Credit Can Help Your Growing Business

Did you catch our post on prepping for year-end? We know you are busy, so if you happened to miss it, No. 10 on the list was familiarizing yourself with the new tax law changes. Wondering where to even begin? Well, the research and development (R&D) tax credit is one you will not want to miss. This article takes a closer look at the logistics to this tax credit and how it can benefit startup companies and growing businesses.

Dec 08

Year-End Tax Savings: What’s Better Than Saving Cash This Time of Year?

You may remember that we recently posted our essential year-end checklist. In this article, we take a closer look into the strategy of using up your end-of-the-year budgets to maximize your tax deductions in the current year.

Nov 22

An Essential Year-End Checklist for Your Business

Many business owners are coming up on what may be an especially hectic time: year-end. In light of this busy time of year, we polled our staff and came up with a checklist to consider as you approach the end of 2016.

Nov 15

New Overtime Regulations: Are You Prepared?

Confused by all the new overtime rules talk? We have had a number of clients ask questions about this, because let’s face it, it’s not as straightforward as it may seem! On December 1, 2016, the new Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Overtime Regulations come into effect. Our latest Accounting and Advisory Services blog has all the important details employers should know about the new overtime regulations.

Oct 12

Chicago’s “Cloud Tax”: Making Sense of the Personal Property Lease Protection Tax

The Personal Property Lease Protection Tax, or “Cloud Tax” as it is more commonly known, was implemented this year in Chicago. Our latest Accounting and Advisory Services Group blog delves into the specifics behind this “Cloud Tax” and help you lift the cloud of confusion you may have regarding this new tax law.

Sep 15

Forget That Old Saying ‘Fake it ‘til You Make it’ and Get Your Free Cash Flow in Line

Why is Free Cash Flow (FCF) important for scaling companies? Simple. FCF enhances shareholder value and is an attractive metric for investors compared to price-earnings. Discover how you can easily calculate your company’s FCF in our latest Accounting and Advisory Services Group blog!

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