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Oct 07

Not-For-Profit Group Newsletter – Fall 2014

ORBA’s Not-For-Profit Group Newsletter is a quarterly publication focused on effective not-for-profit management. The Fall 2014 issue features two articles, Building a Dream Team—How to Manage the Board Selection Process and By the Book—Setting Executive Compensation Correctly.

Jul 08

Not-For-Profit Group Newsletter – Summer 2014

ORBA’s Summer 2014 Not-For-Profit Group Newsletter includes two articles: Footnotes Tell a Story: What Constituents Can Glean from Your Financial Statements by Joe Gassel, CPA, and Newsbits by Marva Harris, CPA.

Apr 02

Not-For-Profit Group Newsletter – Spring 2014

The Affordable Care Act’s (ACA’s) shared-responsibility provision, commonly referred to as “play or pay” — requiring that “large” employers offer their employees affordable health insurance or pay a penalty — has been delayed until 2015. But that means that now is the time for not-for-profit organizations to determine what it will mean for their bottom line. This article explains who qualifies as a large employer and how “affordable” is defined. A Sidebar discusses how smaller not-for-profit organizations can qualify for the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit.

Jan 14

Not-For-Profit Group Newsletter – Winter 2014

This edition focuses on two topics. The first article addresses how to manage and safeguard peer-to-peer fundraising efforts utilized to raise money for not-for-profits. The second article, “Newsbits,” discusses a court case, the concept of kaizen (continuous improvement) and results from a study focused on public support for community foundations.

Nov 21

Not-For-Profit Group Newsletter – Fall 2013

Does your not-for-profit receive and make use of endowments? The term “endowment” is a frequently misused term in the not-for-profit world. A true endowment consists of funds received from external donors with restrictions that the principal or gift amount is to be retained in perpetuity and cannot be spent.

Jul 11

Not-For-Profit Group Newsletter – Summer 2013

Summer 2013 Online Resources For Exempt Organization Information By: Charles J. Burke, CPA A vast array of exempt organization information is widely available on the internet, however as we all know, not all information is created equal, especially on the World Wide Web. Finding accurate and relevant information from reputable sources is integral for potential… Continue reading »

Apr 24

Not-For-Profit Group Newsletter – Spring 2013

This edition focuses on two topics. The first article addresses how organizations can maximize the potential of current technology tools by developing mobile websites and apps, leveraging social networks and expanding their Web presence. The second article focuses on not-for-profit mergers and what you need to consider before joining forces.

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