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May 09

Is Now the Time to Lock In a 30-Year Mortgage?

Buying a home is one of the most exciting and expensive purchases you will make. Whether you are buying a new home for your growing family, a vacation home for the summer or winter, or an investment property, deciding how to pay for it is just as important of a decision as it is to pick the house that is right for you. How you choose to finance such a major purchase can have a significant long-term impact on your finances. If you are purchasing your home and are considering a mortgage loan, this article will provide you with an understanding of the main types of mortgages and what benefits they can provide to help you determine which mortgage is most appropriate.

Apr 24

A Founder’s Decision to Sell: Considerations for Obtaining Sustained Value for a Life’s Work

Many of the most successful businesses are the product of the investment of its founder’s time, energy and money. Often, this investment may be the most significant source of their retirement income or personal wealth. Yet, at some point, whether due to political or market conditions, or more personal reasons, it may become time to sell the business and unlock the value of this investment. This article provides a few considerations business owners should take when it comes time to sell their closely held business, especially for those founders who have never been through a sales process, to achieve a successful exit.

Mar 30

Is There Unclaimed Property with Your Name on It?

State unclaimed property programs are holding nearly $42 billion in assets, just waiting to be claimed by their rightful owners. This brief article explains how to search databases for unclaimed property and how to prove ownership.

Feb 02

Beyond Benchmarks: Alternative Methods of Measuring Your Portfolio’s Results

This article looks at several ways to measure investment portfolio performance. The traditional method is to compare results with those of a relevant market index. However, some investors may be better off considering risk-adjusted results or even follow a goals-based approach.

Jan 10

How to Shift Income to Family Members and Save Money

This article discusses a strategy on how individuals who own their own business can reduce their income while helping their children get a head start on saving for retirement. A Sidebar discusses the problem of capital gains trapped in non-grantor trusts and possible solutions for liberating them.

Dec 02

Even You May Benefit from a Reverse Mortgage

Higher net worth individuals may be able to use a reverse mortgage for estate and tax planning. This article discusses reducing the value of a taxable estate by using reverse mortgage funds to make annual exclusion gifts, fund college savings plans or buy a life insurance policy.

Oct 26

Protect Yourself from Tax Identity Theft

Tax identity theft is a serious problem, and is only getting worse. This article provides information on the number and types of tax identity fraud incidents as well as tips for avoiding becoming a victim. For those whose identity is stolen, the article explains how to limit the damage.

Sep 20

Paying for College: How to Avoid Costly Financial Aid Mistakes

This short article provides pointers to help parents of college-bound students avoid mistakes and maximize amounts when applying for financial aid. Tips involve filing the right forms, prioritizing schools and knowing who is responsible for submitting applications when parents are separated and divorced.

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