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Tamara Partridge, CPA, MST

Tamara Partridge, CPA, MST

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Name: Tamara Partridge, CPA, MST
Date registered: October 22, 2013



Tamara joined ORBA in 2009 as a staff auditor. After three years, she transitioned into the tax department. She now works on a variety of tax returns and projects, including individual, business and not-for-profits. Tamara builds personal relationships with clients whenever possible. When you understand someone outside of the numbers, it can greatly impact your approach to business and tax decisions. Business is important, but it’s also nice to talk about something besides taxes. Tamara also enjoys being involved in the recruiting process. She likes talking to students and telling them what ORBA and public accounting is all about. She believes it’s important for ORBA to hire the best of the best. Tamara is a goal-setter inside and outside of work. Whether she’s pushing herself to do ten more push ups or run an extra mile, she’s always determined to do more and reach her goals.

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  2. Properly Structuring a Like-Kind Exchange — April 29, 2016
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Sep 14

Crossing That Bridge: Understanding the Pros and Cons of Bridge Loans

Investors and home buyers generally use bridge loans until they can secure long-term financing. As with any form of financing, there are advantages and disadvantages. This article summarizes what exactly bridge loans entail, and then delves in to the pros and cons of this type of financing.

Apr 29

Properly Structuring a Like-Kind Exchange

How you structure like-kind exchanges can result in very different outcomes. Multiple properties sold and relinquished does not always mean multiple deferred exchanges. This blog will provide various considerations as to how to properly structure a like-kind exchange.

Mar 25

Is a Bridge Loan Right for Me?

As the real estate market rebounds, bridge loans can provide an interim financing option for investors and developers until they are able to secure long-term financing. While such loans provide several benefits, they also come with some disadvantages worth weighing before jumping into the loan. This blog discusses the ins and outs of bridge loans.

Jul 14

Real Estate Group Newsletter – Summer 2014

ORBA’s Summer 2014 Real Estate Group Newsletter includes two articles: Leader Certification Program Green Lease is Ready to Roll and What to Expect When You Are Expecting Construction Litigation.

Apr 23

A Budding Valuation Consideration: Explore the World of Green Building Features

With sustainability becoming more common in both residential and commercial real estate, appraisers are increasingly asked to weigh in on buildings with green features. While green valuations have not yet come fully into bloom, the seeds have clearly been planted for environment-related features to affect property value. This article discusses why green matters and lists factors that valuators can consider when appraising residential properties with green features.

Dec 10

When Not-For-Profits and For-Profits Unite

Joint ventures can provide many opportunities for not-for-profit organizations. First of all, linking up with a corporation can be a great branding tool. People put more trust into organizations that are associated with a “brand name,” and investors may be more willing to provide support. Corporations may have greater access to resources and can help the not-for-profit accomplish fundraising or program-related goals. Additionally, some alliances may even benefit from tax incentives.