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Tanya Gierut, CPA

Tanya Gierut, CPA

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Name: Tanya Gierut, CPA
Date registered: December 16, 2013



Tanya has been with the firm for eight years. Her first two years were spent in ORBA’s proofreading department, where she was responsible for analyzing financial statements and disclosures. On graduation in 2007, she joined the auditing and accounting services team. She performs audits, reviews and compilations for clients in the manufacturing, retail and restaurant industries. She also has experience preparing audits, reviews, compilations, and tax and information returns for not-for-profit organizations, as well as individuals, partnerships, corporations and trusts. Tanya finds ways to provide value to her clients through education and training. She is always available to answer questions, review strategies, and provide consultation. In order to stay current with new industry issues, she looks for opportunities with continuing education classes surrounding the needs of the clients she serves.

Latest posts

  1. How to Leverage Your Real Estate without Getting Buried in Debt — August 2, 2016
  2. Real Estate Group Newsletter — Winter 2016 — January 14, 2016
  3. Uncle Sam Wants You to Invest in Technology and Training — March 26, 2015
  4. New Patent Office Procedures May be of Interest to Manufacturers — June 10, 2014
  5. Is Your Company’s Data Protected? — December 16, 2013

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Aug 02

How to Leverage Your Real Estate without Getting Buried in Debt

Leverage, which is simply using borrowed money to make an investment, allows real estate investors to afford more expensive properties than they could with just their own equity. And, unlike dividends, interest payments are tax-deductible, further reducing the cost of debt. This article shows that leveraging can be a balancing act — you don’t want to overleverage and put yourself at undue risk, but you also don’t want to underleverage and miss out on strategic investment advantages.

Jan 14

Real Estate Group Newsletter — Winter 2016

ORBA’s Real Estate Group Newsletter is a quarterly publication focused on effective real estate practice management. The Winter 2016 issue includes two articles: “Triple Net Leases: Advantages and Disadvantages for Landlords” and “The IRS is Watching Real Estate Donated to Charity.”

Mar 26

Uncle Sam Wants You to Invest in Technology and Training

The White House recently announced a series of executive actions for subsidies totaling roughly $550 million for investments in advanced manufacturing. These actions provide financial incentives for your company to increase spending on technology and training, if it is not already part of your 2015 budget. This blog discusses the three pillars of support that underlie the president’s manufacturing initiatives.

Jun 10

New Patent Office Procedures May be of Interest to Manufacturers

Since 2013, American inventors have faced new rules for filing and challenging patents on their products and systems. These new rules are part of the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act of 2011, a sweeping overhaul of the nation’s patent system. This article examines how many of these rules may be of interest to manufacturers.

Dec 16

Is Your Company’s Data Protected?

Most people associate theft at a manufacturing company with loss of product or material. Although in the past this may has been true, a new type of theft has surfaced and it relates to intellectual property. Some of the greatest assets a company has are their vendor lists, trade secrets, customer database, and employee data. Without the proper security measures in place, a company is left with their doors wide open – the doors that lead to their network.