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Larry A. Ruff, CPA, MBA

Larry A. Ruff, CPA, MBA

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Name: Larry A. Ruff, CPA, MBA
Date registered: August 29, 2013



Larry brings more than twenty-five years of professional experience with employee benefits and retirement plans to ORBA clients. He gained extensive experience and in-depth knowledge working in the industry from the plan sponsor side. Since joining ORBA in 2010, Larry now helps clients meet their fiduciary responsibilities and comply with all applicable laws and regulations for their employee benefits and retirement plans. He provides services for defined benefit, defined contribution, and health and welfare benefit plans sponsored by sole proprietors and privately- held companies, as well as not-for-profit organizations. He manages all employee benefit plan compliance and counsels clients on day-to-day benefit plan issues as they arise. Larry also offers qualified and non-qualified plan design and operational assistance, facilitates resolution of IRS inquiries and DOL audits, prepares participant plan disclosures and specializes in preparation of benefit plan tax returns for his clients. He has experience with benefit plan auditing, employee benefit plan due diligence on acquisitions, plan mergers and terminations, plan investment guidance, plan fee assessment and plan provider evaluation.

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Sep 05

What Is Buried Inside Your 401(k) or 403(b) Plan Fees?

Do you know and understand what are your 401(k) or 403(b) plan’s fees, and especially, what are inside those buried fees? Broadly speaking, retirement plan fees consist of fees and expenses associated with plan administration services, such as record keeping fees, and plan investment activities, such as investment management fees. But what are the fees buried inside your plan’s investment funds?

Feb 07

Understand Your Target-Date Fund Series

Target-date or lifecycle funds first came to market in 1994. Since then, they have experienced much growth with nearly every large financial institution today offering their own version of these funds. Along with target-date funds becoming a fundamental option of 401(k) plans, comes a fiduciary responsibility to monitor and evaluate them, much like other plan investments. This article examines key characteristics plan sponsors and investment committees should know about target-date funds.

Apr 05

Understanding Welfare Plan Form 5500 Filing Requirements

Welfare plans commonly provide employee benefits, such as medical, dental, life insurance and disability benefits. All welfare plans covered by ERISA are subject to the annual Form 5500 reporting and filing requirements. However, not all ERISA welfare plans must file Form 5500 if they meet one of the exceptions under the law. As a plan sponsor, this article will help you determine whether you need to file Form 5500.

Jan 12

How Automatic Are Your 401(k) Plan Investments?

Automatic enrollment of participants in 401(k) plans was designed to overcome the drawbacks of voluntary enrollment by getting more employees to save in their workplace retirement plan. But what to do about plan investments? With automatic enrollment comes a fiduciary duty to direct plan investments for those automatically enrolled participants that do not choose a place to invest their contributions. This article will explore this topic in relation to a safe harbor established by the Department of labor to limit plan sponsor liability for investing contributions on behalf of employees into default investments when employees do not otherwise make an election.

Jun 16

Planes, Trains, Automobiles and… Retirement Plans?

Perhaps you recall the 1987 comedy starring Steve Martin and John Candy that involved these modes mode of transportation. But if you add in retirement plans, what could all of these possibly have in common? All of these require ongoing and regular maintenance to keep them in proper condition and running smoothly.

Dec 09

Year-End Update from the DOL

The Department of Labor (DOL) keeps a full plate on their retirement regulatory agenda and research projects each year. Now that the end of 2014 is closing, the DOL recently provided some insight of where they stand on some of these items. In early November, the ERISA Advisory Council presented their final recommendations of this year’s research projects. The DOL also provided a bit of an update, too, in regards to their retirement regulatory agenda at this meeting.

Jun 30

Small vs. Large Plan Annual Report Filing: Get Ready to File Form 5500

Generally, all qualified retirement plans subject to ERISA must file an annual report disclosing plan compliance, financial and tax information. The plan administrator satisfies this requirement by filing Form 5500. But which version of Form 5500 and its many schedules do you file? The answer may depend on the plan’s size.

Aug 29

An Opportunity Hiding in Plain Sight

Conventional wisdom holds that it’s dangerous to tie too much of your personal wealth to your employer’s fortunes. Why? Because if your company falls on hard times, any shares of company stock you own will take a hit and, to make matters worse, you could have your salary cut or lose your job.