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Kevin Omahen, CPA

Kevin Omahen, CPA

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Name: Kevin Omahen, CPA
Date registered: November 3, 2015



Kevin performs a full range of accounting services including audit, review and compilation work for both profit and not-for-profit entities. He also provides tax services to clients, including tax preparation of individual, corporate and partnership taxation.

Latest posts

  1. Measuring Fundraising Success — August 23, 2017
  2. Donations: Evaluating what Works — December 19, 2016
  3. Cash Flows: Thinking Ahead — January 19, 2016
  4. Manufacturing and Distribution Group Newsletter — Fall 2015 — November 19, 2015

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Aug 23

Measuring Fundraising Success

Donors continue to look for more accountability and transparency from non-profits, especially regarding fundraising. Not only is the sum of money raised in campaigns meaningful, but how efficiently you are able to raise it, is fundamental to the non-profits success. For instance, one activity may project higher revenues than another activity, but measuring the activities’ success requires more than just evaluating the gross revenues.

Dec 19

Donations: Evaluating what Works

The recession has been over for many years and the nation’s unemployment rate has returned to below 5%. So, can not-for-profit organizations expect to see the donation flood gates open back up? For some organizations, this may be the case. However, this may not be the case for all. Many variables factor into why donations may be up or down. This article stresses the point that there is never a bad time for organizations to review their struggles or successes with donations, as well determine ways to improve.

Jan 19

Cash Flows: Thinking Ahead

Capital is the lifeblood of any manufacturing business. Each week, your payroll must be met, overhead covered and suppliers paid. Meanwhile, your plant’s customers might not pay on time — or in full — and unanticipated expenses may come up, straining your cash flow. Cash flow forecasting can help eliminate much of the heartburn associated with managing a manufacturing facility’s day-to-day capital.

Nov 19

Manufacturing and Distribution Group Newsletter — Fall 2015

ORBA’s Manufacturing and Distribution Group Newsletter is a quarterly publication focused on effective manufacturing and distribution management. The Fall 2015 issue includes two articles, “Getting Employees to Join the Fight Against Fraud” and “Secure Disposal of IT Equipment: Proper IT Asset Disposal Merits the Same Attention as Acquisition.”