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Jeffrey C. Newman, CPA, JD

Jeffrey C. Newman, CPA, JD

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Name: Jeffrey C. Newman, CPA, JD
Date registered: January 6, 2011

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Phone: 312-670-7444
Fax: 312-670-8301



Jeff joined ORBA in 1983 and became a Director in 1988. He is Chair of the Real Estate Group and specializes in tax and litigation support. Jeff helps many family enterprises address a variety of complex financial issues. With a proactive and value-based style, he frequently advises owners and family shareholders on tax and estate planning issues, and provides financial and tax planning for individual family members across multiple generations. Jeff works across many industries with extensive experience in the real estate, service, collection agencies and transportation sectors. Beyond his tax expertise, Jeff performs business valuations for purposes of merger or sale, divorce and estate planning. He has completed hundreds of valuations of closely-held businesses and pension accounts. He also provides expert witness testimony to support complex family and business disputes. Jeff has spoken and written on tax, valuation and business consulting topics.

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  2. Trend Analysis Is Trendy — August 17, 2017
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  4. How to Use Less-than-Perfect Comparables to Estimate Value — November 23, 2016
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Nov 15

Real Estate Group Newsletter – Fall 2017

During the last decade, limited liability companies (LLCs) have become one of the most preferred forms of business entities through which to hold title to investment real estate properties. Prior to LLCs, real estate investors seeking limited liability protection were largely limited to using either corporations or limited partnerships to acquire title, both of which have significant potential drawbacks.

Aug 17

Trend Analysis Is Trendy

Appraisers are increasingly incorporating trend analysis when valuing real estate. Property owners, as well as potential buyers, need to understand the role trend analysis, also known as market analysis, can play when determining value. As always, one needs to consider the income, cost and market approaches when trying to assess fair market value.

Dec 14

Real Estate Group Newsletter – Fall 2016

ORBA’s Real Estate Group Newsletter is a quarterly publication focused on effective real estate practice management. The Fall 2016 issue includes two articles: “Limited Liability Companies May Have Some Liability Limitations” and “IRC Section 1231: It’s the Best of Both Worlds ”

Nov 23

How to Use Less-than-Perfect Comparables to Estimate Value

In today’s volatile real estate market, it is often difficult to obtain a meaningful estimate of what a parcel of commercial real estate is currently worth. This article discusses how taxpayers can deal with distressed sales and rely on comparables to arrive at the best estimate.

Aug 26

Real Estate Group Newsletter – Summer 2015

The ORBA Real Estate Newsletter is a quarterly publication focused on effective business management. The Summer 2014 issue includes two articles, Investor vs. Dealer: The Difference is Not Always Black or White and Tax Court Disallows Property Owner’s Bad Debt Deduction.

Dec 18

IRS Tackles Interaction of Gain Exclusion and PAL Treatment

It is not unusual for someone to convert a personal home into a rental property. But such conversions can raise some complex tax questions when the home is subsequently sold. This blog looks at a recent Chief Counsel Advice memo that makes it clear that the gain excluded under Internal Revenue Code Section 121 is not treated as passive gain.

Sep 25

What You Should Know About Forms of Joint Ownership

What is the best way to hold a title to real estate? The wrong form of ownership can increase legal liability, enlarge your tax burden and subject an estate to probate. In contrast, choosing the right form of ownership can reduce red tape while improving a property’s profitability. This blog discusses the different options and who might benefit the most in each case.

Dec 20

How to Analyze a Deal: Looking Beyond the Numbers

As the real estate market has continued to improve, there has been a proliferation of real estate “deals” from syndicators and developers looking to provide benefits for themselves and to their investors. It is important to know what to look for when reviewing a new deal.

Jun 19

Turning A Vacation Home Into A Tax Benefit

With proper tax structuring, it is possible to turn a vacation home into a tax benefit. If you own a second residence located in a resort location, a knowledgeable tax professional may be able to help improve the overall economic performance of the property.

Jan 23

One + One ≠ Two?

Under current estate and gift tax rules, every taxpayer has the ability to give away $5 million of property during lifetime or at death. With the Bush administration tax cuts set to sunset at the end of 2012, the $5 million exemption could be reduced to as low as $1 million. Thus, any method of maximizing current gifts could prove to be very beneficial.

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