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Adam Pechin, CPA, MST

Adam Pechin, CPA, MST

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Name: Adam Pechin, CPA, MST
Date registered: December 11, 2013



Adam has been with Ostrow Reisin Berk & Abrams, Ltd. since 2008. He is a seasoned member of the firm's Wealth Management and State and Local Income Tax Groups. He concentrates on working with individuals, partnerships and closely-held corporations on tax and compliance. He serves clients in many industries including real estate, manufacturing and professional service businesses, as well as professional athletes and corporate executives. He is also involved in numerous engagements involving multi-state and helps his clients with various international and offshore tax compliance issues. He enjoys working with complex transactions and furthering his expertise in difficult matters.

Latest posts

  1. Active Versus Passive Investment Funds: Should You Let Participants Decide? — November 2, 2017
  2. Even You May Benefit from a Reverse Mortgage — December 2, 2016
  3. Taking the Right Steps When Using an FLP or LLC — November 12, 2015
  4. Wealth Management Group Newsletter – Spring 2015 — March 11, 2015
  5. How Liable are You for Fraudulent Credit Card Charges? — October 28, 2014

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Nov 02

Active Versus Passive Investment Funds: Should You Let Participants Decide?

According to a report by Casey Quirk of Deloitte, 72% of money invested into funds went into passive funds in 2015. While some may see this as a strong case for passive investing, the issue for plan sponsors is not that simple.

Dec 02

Even You May Benefit from a Reverse Mortgage

Higher net worth individuals may be able to use a reverse mortgage for estate and tax planning. This article discusses reducing the value of a taxable estate by using reverse mortgage funds to make annual exclusion gifts, fund college savings plans or buy a life insurance policy.

Nov 12

Taking the Right Steps When Using an FLP or LLC

If one wishes to transfer large amounts of wealth to his or her family at discounted values for gift tax purposes, it might be advisable to form a family limited partnership (FLP) or a limited liability company (LLC). However, a pitfall to be aware of when using an FLP or LLC is the step transaction doctrine. This article explains the ins and outs of using either vehicle.

Mar 11

Wealth Management Group Newsletter – Spring 2015

ORBA’s Wealth Management Group Newsletter is a quarterly publication focused on effective wealth management. The Spring 2015 issue includes two articles, Boosting Retirement Savings with Catch-Up Contributions and Alternative Investments Seek to Balance Portfolio Risk and Return.

Oct 28

How Liable are You for Fraudulent Credit Card Charges?

The theft of millions of customers’ credit and debit card data last holiday season was a wake-up call for consumers who underestimated their vulnerability to fraud. This blog explains the laws that help limit individuals’ liability from unauthorized charges.

Feb 19

For Income-Seekers, Municipal Bonds May be Worth a Look

Municipal bonds (often referred to as “munis”) can be attractive to income-seeking investors because they provide an income stream exempt from federal and, in certain cases, state and local income taxes. As this article explains, they traditionally have been of greatest use for upper-income taxpayers, but they are not without risks, such as vulnerability to higher interest rates and the risk that a bond issuer will not be able to repay its debts. A sidebar shows how to compare taxable and tax-free bonds.

Dec 11

Wealth Management Group Newsletter – Winter 2013

Those who find themselves raising children, saving for their own retirement and helping to care for or support aging parents can consider themselves members of the “Sandwich Generation.” Although it may be personally gratifying to be able to help your parents, it can be stressful and financially burdensome. This article shows that careful planning and tax breaks may help.