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Anna Coldwell, CPA

Anna Coldwell, CPA

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Name: Anna Coldwell, CPA
Date registered: March 23, 2011

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Phone: 312-670-7444
Fax: 312-670-8301



Anna has been with ORBA since 2011 and became a Director in 2014. She has more than ten years of tax expertise which includes corporate, partnership and individual tax planning. More specifically, she handles technical reporting, entity structuring and consulting to high net worth individuals and business owners in manufacturing and real estate, among other industries. Anna has also taught continuing professional education courses on various aspects such as business and individual income taxation.

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  3. Gross-up Provisions: Good News for Both Landlords and Tenants — May 30, 2017
  4. Spotlight on the Research Credit — March 21, 2017
  5. Understanding Tax Issues Related to Shareholder Loans — July 26, 2016

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Aug 23

Real Estate Group Newsletter – Summer 2017

ORBA’s Real Estate Group Newsletter is a quarterly publication focused on effective real estate practice management. The Summer 2017 issue includes two articles: “Exercise Caution with Joint Venture Financing” and “Is a Prospective Commercial Tenant creditworthy?”

Aug 07

Manufacturing and Distribution Group Newsletter – Summer 2017

ORBA’s Manufacturing and Distribution Group Newsletter is a quarterly publication focused on effective manufacturing and distribution management. The Summer 2017 issue includes two articles, “Deducting Travel and Entertainment Expenses with Confidence” and “Close-Up on Forensic Accounting Investigations.”

May 30

Gross-up Provisions: Good News for Both Landlords and Tenants

In an uncertain economy, commercial landlords understandably look for ways to protect themselves from financial exposure. One approach is the inclusion of gross-up provisions in leases. This article explains that a properly drafted gross-up provision can help ensure that tenants pay their share for operating expenses when some units are vacant, while also protecting tenants from unexpected cost increases.

Mar 21

Spotlight on the Research Credit

After being continually renewed since the 1980s, the research credit was finally made permanent under the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act. This change allows manufacturers to plan (with certainty) for their research and development (R&D) expenditures. And, it is expected to survive any tax reform legislation that will pass in 2017. This article provides an overview of the current rules on how to claim credits for R&D spending, including how the break has been expanded for certain small manufacturers.

Jul 26

Understanding Tax Issues Related to Shareholder Loans

Owners occasionally borrow funds from their businesses. If the company has extra cash on hand, a shareholder loan can be a convenient and low-cost option. This article explains the importance of treating these transactions as bona fide loans and charging an “adequate” rate of interest. It also provides a list of factors the IRS considers when evaluating advances to shareholders.

Feb 04

Examining Stanley v. U.S.’s Impact on the Definition of ‘Real Estate Professional’

The 2015 federal district court case in the Western District of Arkansas, Fayetteville Division, Stanley v. U.S., involved Carol A. and Roy E. Stanley. The case centers on whether the taxpayers qualified as “real estate professionals,” which would allow them to deduct rental losses from a rental activity in which they materially participate against ordinary income. In this Real Estate Group blog, we closely examine Stanley v. U.S., and detail the ways in which the case has impacted the definition of a “real estate professional.”

Jun 30

An Introduction to the Illinois EDGE Program

For Illinois to remain competitive with other states’ business incentive packages, it created the Economic Development for a Growing Economy (EDGE) Program. This blog offers an overview of the program and your company’s potential eligibility for significant Illinois tax incentives.

Mar 05

Is a Credit Tenant Lease Right for Me?

Credit tenant lease (CTL) financing is gaining popularity as a way for owners and developers to leverage the rental stream from a single-tenant property. However, like most forms of financing, these arrangements have their risks as well as some potential advantages. This blog explains how CTL financing works and its many appealing features as well as a possible risk.

Nov 05

Real Estate Group Newsletter – Fall 2014

The ORBA Real Estate Newsletter is a quarterly publication focused on effective business management. The Fall 2014 issue includes two articles, Understanding Rehabilitation Tax Credits: What You Need to Know About Partnership Allocations and Take Your Pick — There is More Than One Way to Execute a Like-Kind/Starker/Sec. 1031 Exchange.

Sep 09

Do Not Let Overhead Accounts Get Ripe for the Picking

Overhead costs are a part of every business and accounting for them can be problematic. For manufacturers, overhead costing is particularly complex. Accounts tend to be large, and non-accounting managers do not always understand how they work. As a result, these overhead accounts can be open invitations to fraud. This blog details how internal controls can help ensure funds remain in overhead accounts.

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